Monday, March 3, 2014

On Purple Pants

These are by far the most colorful and bright pants I own, and honestly not usually the style I choose. I usually gravitate towards the more subtle colors. Yet, for whatever reason (read: they were on sale + I had a coupon) I picked these out and now I can't stop wearing them!

Maybe it's because they are so obnoxiously colored, I just feel more bold and confident when wearing them. Especially now that I've gotten to that slump in the quarter between midterms and finals when the last thing I have time to think about is putting an outfit together, having these pants as my go to helps me look put together without having to spend too much time thinking about it. So, go figure. Buying something WAY out of my comfort zone ended up being one of my best style decisions yet!

What I'm Wearing:
sweater: exact 
jeans (I can't find this exact color online, but I put a link for the same jeans in other colors!): similar
flats: similarsimilar 

Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Hills Are Alive With The Sound of Music

The morning of new years eve a friend and I decided to go on a hike to the top of nearby mountain. 

To be honest, I'm really not much of a hiker. I mean, I like a good walk just as much as the next person. Pretty scenery and fresh air - what's not to love? But this almost exclusively uphill climb was a little out of my league. My friend, on the other hand, is a super athlete and former high school cross country runner. I definitely felt more than a little embarrassed asking for a rest break about halfway through when they could have clearly kept climbing on forever. Yet despite my obvious (and I mean OBVIOUS) hardship, we did eventually make it to the top of the mountain.

As cheesy as this sounds, and maybe it was a byproduct of it being new years eve and all, but making it to the top of that mountain was nothing short of exhilarating. During my time on this hike I had many negative thoughts and had even considered turning around, but I kept climbing. Making it back to our starting point after completing the full hike gave me that "if I can do this, I can do anything" feeling that only comes after accomplishing something that you've never done before, and didn't think you could do. More than ever I feel prepared and even excited to try new things, right in time for the new year!

As for my outfit, I knew I would need something comfortable that could withstand the hike. The obvious choice for me was my handy t-shirt, jeans, tennis shoes, and my plaid shirt for a little extra layering. Clearly not my most glamorous outfit, but it worked perfectly for the occasion. 

What I'm Wearing:
T-Shirt - Ross
Plaid Shirt - Target
Jeans - PacSun
Shoes - Payless

Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Farmer's Market

First off...Happy New Year to everyone! (:

The other day I went to the Farmer's Market for the first time in a very long time. Considering that everything I need is available to me at the grocery store, I've gotten into a routine that no longer includes  visits to the farmer's market. Frankly, I had forgotten that the market's allure lies more in the situation than in the actual items. 
I had fun haggling prices, buying things from people that have visible passion for the items they are selling, and walking around outside instead of in a fluorescent ice-box.

So, thank you farmer's market for being a small break in my routine!

Don't worry, I still love you Trader Joe's.

Sweater: Mom's closet // Scarf: Kmart // Jeans: Pacsun // Boots: Target

Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Mission Inn

Over the weekend I went to see the Festival of Lights at the very old and majestic Mission Inn.

The crowds were large and aggressive, everything had a mile long line, someone always seemed to step into your frame when you tried to take a picture... 

...and, I loved it.

There were lights literally everywhere you looked and, despite the massive crowds, we were able to maneuver our way through the area rather quickly while taking everything in. Aside from the lights, there were moving dolls, vendors of hot chocolate and kettle corn, and even an ice skating rink!

I hope everyone had a great holiday!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Come On Down, Winter!

So for the past couple of weeks I've felt like I have worn the wrong thing everyday. Does this ever happen to you? You wake up in the morning, look out the window, and see gray clouds and what appears to be a very cold day. Then you even turn to your trusty weather app and confirm that it is indeed going to be chilly today. So, like the good little winter lover that you are, you excitedly pull out all your sweaters and scarves that had been collecting dust all summer (and fall...), put together a super cute winter-type outfit, and gleefully go outside to conquer the world!
Everything's going great all morning long, and then that pesky sun starts to peak out over the clouds.
'Oh no! This can't be happening!' And yet it is. 
By the end of the afternoon you're fighting back heat exhaustion and are silently cursing your weather app while promising to never use it ever again.

I know, tragic.

This picture makes me laugh every time I look at it. She loves me, I swear!

Fortunately, this week has proven that winter is here, and here to stay! I'm clearly ready for the sweaters, scarves, hats, and tights to make their yearly appearance :)

What I'm Wearing:
Dress: Local Store 
Boots: Target
Jacket: Wal-Mart 
Scarf: hand-me-down
Tights: Mom's closet
Beanie: Kmart

Monday, November 25, 2013

In the Media

So I don't know about you guys but I have always loved looking at creatively made advertisements. Whether they make me cry, laugh, angry, happy - if an ad can make me feel something, it will stay in my head and I probably will want to buy whatever it is they are selling. 

Obviously, I can't buy everything, but that doesn't have to stop me from sharing all the cool things that cross my path, right? So here are some of the best ads I've seen in the past week. If you have a couple minutes to spare (or just need a good excuse to procrastinate!) then sit back, relax, and scroll through the rest of this post. I hope you all enjoy these as much as I do!

First up is GoldieBlox. This company seeks to create toys for girls that will encourage them to become future engineers! I always loved building and inventing things as a kid and I think it's so great that there is now a company making toys like these with girls in mind. Plus, their commercial is just inspiring and cleverly remixes an old Beastie Boys song for the new generation. 

Continuing with the girl power theme, the next ad comes from Bailey's and is a modern twist on the holiday classic, The Nutcracker. If you didn't feel cool drinking Bailey's before, you certainly will after watching this ad. I'm not sure if it actually puts me in the holiday spirit, but if you're anything like me, it will make you want to take up ballet...

And lastly I bring you an ad from Unilever. The soap company came out with a video asking soon-to-be parents, "Why Bring a Child Into This World?". The answers given by both the scared parents and Unilever are certainly tear-jerking and thought provoking. It utilizes an excellent use of pathos that grabs you almost immediately because of it's simple and relatable emotion. It was clearly used to try to improve Unilever's image, but is still definitely worth the watch.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

An Evening Stroll

After the horrible incident walking my friend's dog a few weeks back, we decided to wait until later in the day to walk our dog. It was a much better option! 
Also, in trying to avoid the afternoon heat, we ended up leaving the house during the romantic "golden hour" as the sun was going down and every thing had a pretty sun kissed glow about it. It's moments like these, when all you need is a light dress to keep you warm as the sun is hugging your back, that help me remember how summer can be just as amazing as winter.

Picture via Instagram
^^We're pretty big on animals in our little town and someone had the cutest barn in their backyard! It made me wish that  I knew the people who lived there so I could take more pictures there ;)^^

What I'm Wearing:
Dress - JCPenney
Sandals - Payless