Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Tale of the Puddle That Was Not Stomped In

These photos are actually from a while back when we had a bit of a summer shower and I was still in school, but I realized I had never shared them and since they come with a story about puddles I would share it today! So without further ado, here is a story about puddles: 

The sky is gray, rain is falling, and the heated humidity feels like it's just walking along the street with you. The heat has already seemed to dry up most of the puddles, thus taking away with it the real feeling of a winter's day. But then you see it.
One glorious puddle that somehow managed to fight off the heat and remain in tact well into the afternoon. And despite the fact that you are clearly not wearing appropriate footwear, you suddenly feel the urge to act like a child again and splash in the puddle. You can't decide if this is really a good idea, or just the heat making you delirious, but there isn't anyone around and you figure, 'why not?'

Just as you've made up your mind to do it and are getting ready to jump you see a group of freshmen on campus for orientation rounding the corner and walking in your direction. Suddenly your great idea doesn't seem so great anymore. Now that you're surrounded by groups of people younger than you, and clearly not as excited about puddles, you feel the need to at least pretend like you're a grown up. So you give the puddle one last longing glance and walk on to your class.

And that, my friends, is the tale of the puddle that was not stomped in.

Photo via Instagram

What I'm Wearing:
Shirt - Marshall's
Jeans - JC Penney
Sandals - Payless


  1. Thanks so much :)
    Love your sandals! The dog is really cute!

  2. Love your peplum top! <3 <3
    lovely blog btw.. :)


  3. I love your top it's so pretty (: thanks for commenting on my blog (: xx

  4. great post dear! as always, oozing with chic-ness from head to toe.

    Into The Blush, a Beauty Blog by Kenny.

  5. I like it and that jeans looks great.

  6. Really nice top and sandals!

  7. Aww, what a cute story girl! Next time, I say go for it! Who cares what other people think if it makes you happy? I get that little kid urge to jump into puddles all the time too haha.

    As for your outfit, you're seriously so pretty! I love that polkadot peplum top with those distressed jeans and bright shoes--what a great touch of color! That dog is adorable as well (:

    Have a lovely weekend!

  8. your little top and your shoes are so cute! we are having a rainy day here today, but i kinda love the rainy days that happen in the middle of the warm summer!

    lindsey louise

  9. i love this top...just beautiful !

  10. haha sapir you crazy kid! you shouldve jumped in them anyways!